To file a complaint against a registered intern or certified member simply submit your complaint in writing to When you submit your complaint, try to reference any specific violations of the Code of Conduct you believe a member has violated.


Code of Conduct

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 Please review Section 8 of the MHACBO Code of Conduct "Resolving Ethical Concerns."

8.6 Reporting: When there is evidence to suggest that another provider is violating or has violated an ethical standard and harm or the likely risk of harm has not occurred, Behavioral Health Supervisors shall attempt to first resolve the issue informally with the other provider if feasible, provided such action does not violate confidentiality rights that may be involved.  Behavioral Health Professionals and Peers shall report unethical conduct or unprofessional modes of practice - leading to harm or creating a likely risk of harm - which they become aware of to the appropriate certifying or licensing authorities, state or federal regulatory bodies.  Providers shall seek supervision/consultation prior to the report. Behavioral Health Professionals and Peers shall seek consultation and direction from supervisors, consultants or the MHACBO Ethics Committee when uncertain about whether a particular situation or course of action may be in violation of the MHACBO Code of Conduct.  Providers consult with persons who are knowledgeable about ethics, the MHACBO Code of Conduct, and legal requirements specific to the situation.  Behavioral Health Professionals and Peers shall not initiate, participate in, or encourage the filing of an ethics or grievance complaint as a means of retaliation against another person. Behavioral Health Professionals and Peers shall not intentionally disregard or ignore the facts of the situation or omit exculpatory information in their reports.

See the MHACBO Ethics Policies & Procedures.

Ethics Policies and Procedures